Case Study

Instant Teams


What is Instant Teams?

Branding + Website Design

Instant Teams serves a unique demographic of professionals from across the military-connected community whose lifestyles demand innovation, communication, and flexibility. They hire, assemble, and manage remote teams to help companies like yours scale quickly, utilizing top talent in the tech, marketing, and administrative industries.


Bringing Instant Teams to Life


Renaming your business is no small task. Co-Founders Liza and Erica were wanting to expand their remote work assembly business. That meant a total rebranding for all business aspects including logo, website and social graphics. The challenge was moving in a completely different direction that  didn’t focus only on military spouses employment but kept their core values of being the future of remote work.



Their new logo and website would need to grow with them as they expanded their start-up. For the website the information needed to be well-organized and easy to navigate for the the talent or client. For the logo we needed to create a simple identifier that people could easily recognize. It was priority to showcase that this start-up was a business that you could build your career with or potentially help grow your whole company.

We worked through different logo variations and wireframes to really understand what they wanted their new logo and site to entail. We also wanted our process to be transparent and smooth to ensure all expectations could be met. Throughout the process, we ensured constant communication and collaboration with our client.   



“Lazy Lemon’s ability to take a creative concept into actual visual form astounds me every time! I have seen Kaylee captivate the essence of brands, campaigns, software platforms, and social content for 3 years and counting. Also, her patience with feedback/edits and quick turn around on assets make her best of the best!”

Erica McMannes, Instant Teams Co-Founder + COO